where there's a will, there's a way


911AUTISM was founded on 3/3/2009. Our group currently has 11 advocates. We all love to share what we've learned about Neuro-Refex with everyone with the hope that it will help lessen the pains and sufferings caused by illnesses related to central nervous system.


Hien Nguyen - Dallas, Texas, US

Giang Le - Westminster, Colorado, US

Thang Le - Friendswood, Texas, US

Khoa Lam - Austin, Texas, US

Jon Nguyen - Houston, Texas, US

Thuy Le - Denver, Colorado, US

Pauline Mai - Cypress, Texas, US

Terry Le - Corona, California, US

Tyler Le - Santa Ana, California, US

Sonia Ho - Westminster, Colorado, US

Tien Le - Sugar Land, Texas, US