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Q1. How long will the therapy take?

A1. In most cases, people start seeing improvement within 8 therapy sessions. However, in order to make the improvement long lasting, the therapy may require at least 2 months.

Q2. Where is the neuro-reflex therapy office located in Houston?

A2. You can find the office at this link: Neuro Reflex Therapy

Q3. What are the success rates for neuro-reflex therapy?

A3. We don't have the exact number. We believe the success rates are much higher than 60%.

Q4. What should I do if I don't have an acupressure roller?

A4. You can start the therapy without having acupressure roller. You can replace any step that requires acupressure roller with the step that doesn't need one. However, using acupressure roller can make the therapy a little more effective.