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"The Best Non-Invasive Therapy"

We're glad that you have found 911autism website. We have a 7 years old boy and 4 years old little girl. Our boy was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 and we had tried so many therapies. Neuro-Reflexology is so far the best non-invasive therapy that we've tried. We want to share our experience with this therapy and we hope our information can help your loved one. At the age of 3, our son could only name the alphabets and count up to 10. He loved counting. And that was all he could say when we wanted to talk to him. He played with no one, lined up objects, played with his hands a lot. He had no eye contact. He'd never point to the things that he wanted. He wasn't aware of anything around him. But overall he was a happy boy who loved Elmo and could watch the show all day long. We've tried speech therapy, occupational therapy, Casein-Free-Gluten-Free diet, ABA, bio-medical, and Hyperbaric oxygen chamber (HBot) for our son. Since my son got diagnosed with autism, we've never stopped finding treatment or therapy to help our son. We were so disappointed with some of the treatments. We had done so much but very little progress that we saw for all these years. At the age of 6 and a half, he still couldn't initiate anything. He's never called us daddy or mommy. We didn't think he even knew if we were his mommy or daddy and even if he had a little sister. He was very aggressive around this time. He got angry for no reason. He hurt his sister several times. He seemed not to understand anything around him or when we tried to talk to him. It sometimes took us more than 2 months to teach him a single label. Teaching him requires significant amount of time, lots and lots of repetition, and extreme patience. One day our family in Houston told us about Neuro-Reflexology that could help kids with autism. We had never heard about this therapy. We had no knowledge about this therapy then we researched about it on the internet. We found Tien's web page 911autism.com. That was how we have known Tien ...