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"The Best Non-Invasive Therapy" (continued)

...We became Tien's friends since then. We were very grateful for his information about Neuro-Reflexology and his support. When we decided to give this therapy a try, we were skeptical and frankly we didn't expect much from it. If it could help our son at least in some area, we'd be satisfied. We brought our son to Houston to see the neuro-reflex therapist. She worked on our son for 3 weeks. With Tien's help, we got neuro-reflex professional tool set and we started doing it ourselves for our son since then. After 3 weeks into this therapy, we noticed his eye contacts are getting better. The progress became more noticeable after a couple more weeks. It seemed he improved more and more over time. We heard him call out "DADDY" for the first time after 5 weeks of the therapy. There's no word that can describe how happy we were when we heard him say "DADDY" for the first time. He became less aggressive. It was really cute seeing him playing with his sister now. His awareness has been improved day by day. Before the therapy, he had problem with hand writing. When he wrote some letters or words, we had to hold his hand. After the therapy, he's able to write by himself without any help. His reading is getting so much better too. After 5 months of the therapy, he mastered all kindergarden's words. He learned more than 100 words in a short period of time whereas he had only learned 65 words in 2 years before neuroreflex therapy. Several times he tried to initiate a conversation with family members which he had never done before. Working with our son is much easier now. It takes a couple of tries and he can learn it and more importantly he can retain what he has learned. Now after 10 months of the therapy, the improvement is much more than we expected. Here are the areas that we see changes in our son: speech, awareness, behavior, memory and motor skill. Comparing to other kids at his age, he's still far behind. But with this therapy, we see that he's gradually making progress. Although, we don't know how far this therapy would help him in the future, we do know our son is in a much better place now than 10 months ago. We hope parents who have kids with autism give this therapy a try. Good luck on your journey!