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"Behavior has improved significantly"

My nephew (my sister's son) was diagnosed with autism when he was 5 years old. He had problem with his concentration, speech, and learning ablilities. Tien is my colleague. He showed me the head massage therapy to help my nephew. My sister and I started to do the therapy for him once a day before his bed times. After a couple of weeks, he could point to the McDonald's menu and asked for what he wanted. He had never done that before. After a couple of months, he had improved in serveral areas. He listens to his mom better. His grades in school are improving. More importantly, his behavior has improved alot. He starts to reason using more complicated sentences in his questions. He no longer repeats the questions someone asks him as he did before. He now is in the 4th grade and he is not in special class. I think parents who have autistic kids should try this massage therapy. Thank you Tien for showing me this method to help my nephew.